We bring this horrific, multi-billion-dollar crime industry into the light through workshops and presentations—increase knowledge, awareness and prevention.


Street Outreach

Focused on the five hardest hit neighborhoods in the Sacramento region, we safely engage victims and their families with compassion and without judgment.


Get Involved

If you want to make a difference in the lives of sex trafficking survivors contact us today. We have a variety of ways you can truly make a difference.


Blue Heart International believes…

Even one victim of sex trafficking is one too many!

Working together, we can uproot and eradicate sex trafficking in the communities we serve.

Established in 2014, our mission is to ensure the betterment of trafficked and sexually exploited survivors through active street outreach, and to bring awareness and prevention education to all.

Let’s fuel our hearts to bring hope to the community and disrupt the demand!

Watch this video for an understanding of what it can look like for a sex trafficking victim here in the USA. We can no longer look away and say we didn’t know. This heart wrenching video tells a story of the emotional and mental bondage a victim experiences. We can break through this wall and set them on a path to freedom by planting seeds of hope! Take action to end this horrific crime in your community—become educated on how victims are coerced and how you can protect your children.

  Video Credits:

Heather Evans: Singer/Songwriter “Change Your Mind”

Jeffrey Kunde: Song Recording and Producer

32 Degrees Media: Video Creation

Josh Fisher: Mixer

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