A Note from Our Co-Founder Missy McCall


Happy Holidays friends,

We’re wrapping up 2016 and gearing up for an amazing 2017. It’s been an incredible year at Blue Heart International and it’s truly thanks to you.

A few years ago, we had a dream. A dream of girls coming home to a warm house and a beautiful Christmas Tree, decorated, just for them, with presents wrapped under the tree, just for them. Where they felt safe, home and loved.

We had no clue that the following year we would be opening our doors to helping women and children. If you’re reading this, it’s because in some way, shape or form, you have contributed to making our dream of helping women recover a REAL movement. A Christmas miracle in our heart. This is a picture of a little girl in our house on her mom’s shoulders placing the most precious part of any Christmas tree, the star. As I took this photo with Blake helping her place the star on the tree, I couldn’t help but have tears of joy streaming down my face and a Christmas metaphor running in my mind.

Their hearts are no longer the dark shadows under the Christmas Tree that no one sees, but rather,  they are the bright shining star sitting at the top staring at what their bright future holds a head of them, holding each other up each step of the way. 

Because of you and everyone involved this year it has truly been a magical and blessing year for the Blue Heart family.

Because of you – and the people in our Blue Heart community who care as much as we do, here’s what we’ve all accomplished this year:

  • Opened a new Blue Heart House to help victims recover and rehabilitate.
  • Street Outreach, hotels and motels, and stepping out on the streets giving girls hope on the street for a different life.
  • Spoke across the United States raising awareness in the most impactful way, churches, concerts, and community events.
  • Supporting other local organization, what they do for the community and giving more survivors hope in our community.

Your support and love over the years have made all this possible. You’ve been amazing partners in building this organization and helping the number of hearts we’ve helped. A big thanks to you from the entire Blue Heart International Team! We wish you a happy holiday season, we can’t wait to celebrate the new year and bringing more hope, light and awareness to stop this injustice around the world.

With a grateful heart,