Our Mission

To ensure the betterment of human trafficking and sexually exploited survivors and to reach at-risk youth and adults through outreach and prevention education creating a brighter future for themselves and the generations to follow.


Blue Heart Programs


Transitional Housing

At our Blue Heart Home, women find hope, rebuild trust and create a fresh new start. In a safe and supportive environment, we provide a holistic and comprehensive approach, caring for the whole person with compassion, structure and the individualized services to ensure their success and ability to achieve self-sustainability.

Awareness and Prevention

Human Trafficking remains a hidden crime. Our awareness and prevention education programs bring this horrific, multi-billion-dollar industry into the light by providing important safety tips to prevent individuals from falling prey to predators. We also provide presentations and workshops in partnership with survivors, law enforcement and trafficking experts, to neighborhood/community groups, faith-based organizations, workplace environments, and schools to help them understand the dynamics of all forms of trafficking and what it looks like here in our community.

Street Outreach

Locally, our primary focus is on the hardest hit areas in the Sacramento region. Weekly, we engage with individuals with compassion and without judgement. Quarterly, we provide a place for rest, a hearty meal, community resources and purses/backpacks filled with toiletries and essential items.

A Message from our Founders

Sex trafficking still remains a hidden crime here in the Sacramento region. Many believe what is seen on the streets is a willingness to be engaged and not forced exploitation. However, in most cases, engagement is a direct result of force, threats of harm, fraud, and/or coercion, and often they are held in service through abuse and psychological manipulation. The statistics on modern day slavery are daunting as you read earlier. The global estimated number of individuals has doubled since 2005! According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline’s contact statistics, Sacramento ranks thirteenth by total number of calls (just below San Francisco), and ranks sixth by number of calls per capita (just below Las Vegas). Bringing awareness to this hidden crime in our own community is the first step.

Reducing the numbers globally, means creating change right here at home. How do we tackle human trafficking in our region? Blue Heart International believes we need to start at the root of the problem by reaching outward to youth and adults who are at risk. Through street outreach efforts and awareness building initiatives we can reduce the risk factors that lead to exploitation and falling prey to a trafficker. Together with local partners, trained ministry groups and with law enforcement awareness we deploy volunteers weekly to the hardest hit areas: South Sacramento, near Stockton Blvd. between 65th and Mack Road, Del Paso Heights and the Arden/Arcade neighborhood. Our on-the-street efforts reach 1,000+ individuals annually, providing victims a safe connection and an opportunity to learn about the services that can free them from a life on the streets.

Blue Heart International also believes in restoration. Since 2014 and in partnership with local organizations, we have provided essential support, comprehensive services and transitional housing to approximately 80 young women breaking free from trafficking and sexual exploitation. In September of this year, we opened our own Blue Heart Transitional Home here in Sacramento. This home will serve approximately 18 women annually through a holistic, 12-18 month program that provides an individualized approached in a faith-based, sober and structured environment. Key services will include trauma-informed and victim-centered therapy, case management, educational assessments, life-skills classes, financial literacy and credit counseling , job-readiness, career exploration and a positive support network all leading to self-sufficiency and freedom!

We provide these essential services each and every day. Currently, we operate solely on individual, corporate and organizational grants and donations. Financial support is critical to achieving our goals in bringing awareness to those at risk and to ensure the success of those seeking freedom from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We simply could not adhere to our mission without your support.

Our vision is to see the sex trafficking and exploitation industry uprooted and eradicated in the communities we serve. And we dream big! What if our funding allowed us to reach millions of people who didn’t know trafficking was a problem in the United States? What if 1,000 Blue Heart ambassadors raised $5,000 annually? What if we replicated our Blue Heart model in communities across America? How many transformed lives could we help create? Take a look at the visual below. This is our dream! This is what fuels us each and everyday and what we hope will inspire you!

Thank you for considering an Annual Sponsorship for your charitable giving dollars.

Kindest regards,

Blake and Missy McCall


Blue Heart International is non-profit organization. Co-founders, Blake and Missy McCall, speak at various churches, conferences, and community events raising awareness about human trafficking. Young girls and boys are targeted every day in our community and around the world. They provide information on how to put an end to human trafficking before it starts. That is accomplished by educating and enlightening families and communities about the dangers of predators online, social media, malls, local stores, and amusement parks.


We have a passion for the girls that are on the street and want out. We work hand in hand with local nonprofits because we believe we are stronger fighting this injustice as a team. We work with them by providing housing for girls that are rescued off the streets, wanting a way out and a chance at a life worth living. The homes provide a safe, secure, caring and compassionate environment. Additional services provided are counseling, life coaching, self-empowerment; the necessary tools to achieve success and provide a better future. Currently, we have 3 homes together and looking to expand in the near future with another 4-bedroom house. By partnering with local churches, we have an outstanding “street outreach” program. There are girls living in hotels, motels and on the streets looking for a way out, but don’t have the resources or know where to turn to for help. They are scared that their pimp might harm them or their families. With this program we work on gaining their trust, provide hope and options to get out of their situation they never knew existed.

Meet Our Team

Blake and Missy Mccall

Blake & Missy McCall


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