Our Blue Heart Transition Housing Program serves women who have experienced sex trafficking and/or sexual exploitation and harm. We provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment designed to restore and rehabilitate survivors through self-empowerment. They receive all their basic needs of a home, food and clothing, in addition to comprehensive physical and mental health assessments upon entry into the home. Each woman is assigned a Case Manager and together they create an Individual Services Plan based on their unique and individualized needs. This may include, evidence-based trauma therapy, alcohol and drug addiction counseling services and strategies to maintain sobriety, life improvement classes such as: stress management tips and tools, parenting classes, positive communications, spiritual classes, and money management assistance. They will also be provided educational and skills assessments, job training opportunities and career coaching. Services address the whole person and are provided within a year-long program that truly allows each woman to heal and rebuild their lives one step at a time. At our Blue Heart Home, women find hope, learn to trust and gain the confidence needed to reach their goals.

We are thankful for the support of our generous donors, hard-working volunteers and community advocates who make this program possible and allow us to focus on our vision to see the human trafficking and sexual exploitation industry uprooted and eradicated in the communities we serve.

If you would like more information about our transitional housing program, or want to refer an individual seeking services, please contact the following individuals for information on our referral and in-take procedures.

 Executive Director

Contact: 916-246-1730