It’s been a GREAT year so far.


It’s been a BIG year so far for Blue Heart International.

The girls in the Blue Heart House have been doing extremely well.  We are so excited about our partnership again this year with City of Refuge of Sacramento. It enables us to serve more girls and allows us to pull our resources together to serve each girl to the greatest capacity.

Together,  we are able to serve 7 girls and 6 kids with plans to expand this year to provide more affordable quality housing to help more people. DeAnne Brining is our girl’s amazing certified trauma therapist who works closely with our girls weekly on trauma they’ve endured.

In February, she started kick box therapy. One of the young ladies in the house says, “So thankful for kick boxing, DeAnne, it really gets out my aggression I hold deep down inside.”

The girls genuinely love this new way of therapy – it truly helps in their healing process. February was also filled with fun activities taking the girls in our house and our partner’s City of Refuge houses to a concert and celebrating Valentine’s Day with them by making heart shaped Pizzas.

We treasure each and every one of these girls in our house and really want to show them they are loved and valued.

Thank you to our friends at KCM Commercial Real Estate Management

Thank you to KCM Property Management for helping us find our new office building which will be used for Trauma training, Street Outreach training, Civilian training and Trauma Therapy.

We are looking for donations for our new office:

  • Couches and tables for our therapy room
  • Conference table and chairs
  • Office furniture
  • Monitors, keyboards, mouse, and monitor

If you can hep us find these items, we would greatly appreciate it!