Missy McCall

Missy McCall is a small town girl born in Merced, California. She later moved and grew up in Sacramento County and El Dorado County.

Her inspiring story starts after she fell out of a three-story window at the age of twelve, causing her to be paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors said she would never walk again and was even lucky to be alive. During this very difficult time, Missy found her faith in Lord. She didn’t believe in what the doctors said, but instead believed in miracles.

Her newfound faith and commitment to God changed her life forever. Later that year, Missy vowed to God that if he gave her the ability to walk again, she would forever give him her life. She promised to start a women’s and children’s shelter to rescue and provide a better life for people going through hardship. This promise was the catalyst and inspiration behind why she started Blue Heart International. That same day, Missy began to walk again.

Her difficult childhood didn’t stop there. At 13-years-old, Missy was bullied in high school and spent most of her days hiding in bathroom stalls to get away from all the negativity. This is where her heart truly empathized with the lost, weak and suffering. She related to the pain and it further validated her promise to God.

Fast-forward to the age of 30, Missy met an incredible woman who educated on her on the severity and seriousness of sex trafficking. This young lady shared stories of how young girls were kidnapped from the streets and eventually sold for sex upwards of 20-30 times a day. Missy’s heart was shattered.

Prior to this, Missy never knew sex trafficking existed. A fire grew in her heart that ignited the purpose and passion behind starting the Blue Heart foundation. Since her childhood, she made her vow to God to start a women’s and children’s shelter and now was her time to bring to life.

Since founding Blue Heart International, Missy has made the life-long commitment to maintain the integrity of her foundation and has promised her life to helping people in need, making the world a better place, one heart at a time.